Open on April 04, 2019

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1 ETH = 400 MKC


Presale 9 Days
Special Bonus 30%
Minimum 10,000 MKC
10 Days
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Minimum 100 MKC
15 Days
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Minimum 100 MKC
20 Days
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Minimum 100 MKC
35 Days
Bonus 5%
Minimum 100 MKC

Grand total = 400 Millions MKC

  • Investors: 75%
  • Partner & Owener: 15%
  • Team: 5%
  • Advisory: 5%

ICO Fund Distribution

  • Development: 25%
  • Construction: 25%
  • Marketing & Operation: 15%
  • Decoration: 10%
  • Architecture: 10%
  • PR: 5%
  • Security: 5%
  • Advisor & Legal: 5%
Research for probability 2015
Survey the landscape and facilities 2016
Project design 2018
ICO presale for 75% 06-08, 2019
Land gathering 08-10, 2019
Project sales office 08-12, 2019
Infrastructure work 07-12, 2019
Construction & Interior decoration 01-10, 2020
Go into the stock exchange market 01-12, 2020
Running the business 10-12, 2020
Mr.Jarad Vongtaveekiat

At present CEO of J & S Intertrade Co.,Ltd. , (Maekong plaza project)

Mr.Maitree Wongthawikiat
Marketing manager

In 2016-present Marketing Manager at J & S Intertrade

Mr.Metha Wongthawikiat
Chief Accountant

In 2016-Present Computer and accounting Manager of Maekong Plaza Project

Miss.Tipnaree Vongtaveekiat
Miss.Tipnaree Vongtaveekiat

In 2010-present Working as Marketing and Product Design Manager at V.j. Printing Ltd.,part ,

Ms.Supa Khantisiri
Law consultant

In 2016-present Law consultant of Maekong Plaza Project

Mr.Sirot Prmalee
Chief technician Engine and construction

In 1996-present Building contractor J & S Intertrade Co., Ltd

Miss.Vasana Suna
Public Relation

In 2013-present Manager of fresh market Maekong Plaza

Mr.Cherd Pradablei
Supervisor and coordinate construction

In 2009-present Building contractor J & S Intertrade Co., Ltd

1.Why do we have to do such a mega project value for 400 million USD?

Because SME or the medium size project can not supply the demand of all tourists.Although in chiang Rai there are many hotels from big hotel to very small home stays.From the past up until now the major tourists come to Chiang Rai to visit the tourist attractions till the evening and then go back to stay in Chiang Mai almost 100% despite the journey for one way trip is 4 hours that may cause them so much exhausted.Consequence of not enough night activities then they decide to go back to Chiang Mai to enjoy in pub&restuarants, walking streets or night bazaar and entertaunment.


For the reasons above to avoid the old behaviors of the tourists, it’s necessary to go on Mega project called “Maekong Plaza-Mixuse complex” where there are full options for many activies like Chiang Mai such as the Day&Night Bazaar, night show

 surrounding our plaza, recreation area on our rooftop(bars & restaurants, sauna, spa, swimming pool, garden and tents area.),floating market, river cruises and etc.


2.Maekong Plaza has 6,000 rooms.Is that number too many?

We insist to do only the mega project with full option services in order to welcome the tourists for 5-10% from the total amount of tourists all year round.

 From the statistics there are more than 10 million tourists traveling in Chiang Rai especially for the foreigner.Our strategy is to do the room rate as equal as the guest house rate about 20 USD. per room a night but with our full option services we are the better choice to stay with.And we would like to have the long staying guests all year round.

Our main idea is to let our customers stay comfortable with a variety of services to make them stay with us many nights or months for our full occupancy or highest possible.


3.what is the expected number of customers using our services is because ?

there are tourist waiting at the doorstep so we expected as bellows.

6,000 rooms rental occupied, there are 12,000 guests

Our hotel employees number about 3,000-4,000 persons.

Other employees from outsources such as in plaza,floating market and etc about 20,000 persons

And customers from outside who are not staying with us for more than 20,000 people..

From our evaluation about the total customers should be 60,000-80,000 people a day but we can make a warm welcome up to 100,000 people a day.


4.Why do we have to settle the location of Maekong Plaza in Chingrai and in our land?

Because we are the land owner for 20 acres next to Maekong and Maekok river which you can travel along the river to Xishuangpanna in China,Chiangtung in Myanmar and Loung Prabang in Laos.So our land is suitable to build the project and the big piers for the big river cruises in order to exchange the tourists for 4 countries that are Thailand,China, Myanmar and Laos.And this way will make our land get the high occupancy all over the year.And we will be the sustainable water tourism project soon.Our area also close to the Rastuay station that is so convenient to travel with the train too.Moreover the airport is far away from our land only 30 mins and the bus terminal is far away for 45 mins and our ouns terminal in the Project. We can conclude that our land is easily accessible.